Posted on 10月 19
i use to check on your blog every now and then and I was wondering about how you are doing, since you don't seem to update your blog that regularly recently :(

Hello lovely friendly ghost ♡
Hopefully I didn’t cause you any worries :(
I’m currently recovering from a severe concussion and can hardly look at screens for longer than 5 minutes, so trying to browse and update tumblr is basically pointless. Other than that, I’m just very busy with school.
I’ll try to update for you more often, as soon as I can ♡

Posted on 10月 18

Selling ジグラット Merch :)♥

Hey there everyone :)
It is time for me to part from the greater part of my ジグラット merchandise ‘collection’, which I’ve been keeping as a treasure for the longest time. All CDs have already found a loving new home, that’s why I’m not listing them anymore. I’m selling signed cheki, photosets,
社の或る風景-stickers and flyers. I hope you’ll find something you like. :)
If you like something, please shoot me an ask here or just comment on the livejournal post. (I’m more likely to see it here first though.)

much love,
katriina xxx

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